Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cyberphobia: The Fear of Computers or Technology

Cyberphobia is the irrational fear of computers or technology. There are many reason why a person may suffer from cyberphobia. Sometimes it’s just the fear of the unknown. They don’t understand how a computer works so they don’t want anything to do with it. They are afraid they will break something or lose important information.

My parents are definitely afraid of computers and technology. They act like computers are the devil. It took me years just to convince that it was okay to pay bills online. I have to do it for them though. They won’t get near the computer. I’ve been thinking about giving them a computer so maybe they will have a more open mind towards them, but I’m scared they will run from it or throw it out the window. They don’t understand how valuable technology is and they feel that they are too old to learn how it works.

I can’t even imagine being afraid of computers or technology. That’s my lifeline. My computer, printer, copier and fax machine are all necessities in my home. Now when the internet goes down…that’s when I have an anxiety attack!

It’s hard to understand certain phobias if you don’t suffer from them so if you suffer from cyberphobia I would like to know why and how computers and technology make you feel.


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