Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tonitrophobia: Fear of Thunder and Lightning

We’ve all been through a bad thunderstorm before. They can be scary for everyone, but for those who suffer from tonitrophobia it can be a nightmare. Thunderstorms can cause them to have anxiety attacks and to feel emotionally and physically sick.

Tonitrophobia is the excessive fear of thunder and associated lightning. Other names for this phobia include tonitruphobia and brontophobia. Tonitro and Tonitru are Latin prefixes that mean thunder. Bronto is a Greek prefix that also means thunder.

When I was younger I would cry every time there was loud thunder. I don’t cry anymore, but I really hate being alone during a bad storm. When I hear of a storm coming and I know I’m going to be alone I get extremely anxious. Storms don’t bother me too much (unless it’s a tornado), when I’m not alone.

Are you afraid of thunder and lightning?


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