Monday, July 2, 2012

Phobias on Twitter

Out of total curiosity I looked on Twitter to see what phobias people had and were tweeting about.  I’m actually shocked at some of these phobias.  Of course there were a lot of common phobias such as heights, clowns, spiders, drowning, public speaking and growing old, but others are a little more out there.

Some of the stranger and less talked about phobias were of eyes, salt and vinegar crisps, toasters, towels, loofah sponges and spoons.  These are all very specific phobias and while they may seem irrational to some of us, those who suffer from them see them as a very real threat.

Other phobias that were tweeted about were octopuses, holes, clouds, escalators, ladders, roaches, natural disasters, nuclear power, social phobia, thunderstorms, roller coasters, water and math.

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself…and clowns :-P.  Hope everyone is having an awesome day!


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