Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Eisoptrophobia: The Fear of Mirrors

Can you imagine looking into a mirror and having an anxiety attack? Many people suffer from Eisoptrophobia and mirrors can literally cause them to have an anxiety attack. Eisoptrophobia is the abnormal and persistent fear of mirrors. It is also known as Catoptrophobia.
This phobia is often caused by superstitions and movies. Some fear that breaking a mirror will bring them bad luck or that looking into a mirror will summon the supernatural. Some also feel that they are being watched through the mirror. No matter the cause or how irrational the fear is, it is very real to those who suffer from it.
The Mirror Crack'd: Fear and Horror in JRR Tolkien's Major WorksI know of a few movies that use mirrors to create fear among the viewers. One in particular had me freaked out for a while, but my fear was nothing close to what those with Eisoptrophobia have to deal with.
If this phobia is part of your life I would like to hear more about it from your perspective.


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