Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chemophobia: The Fear of Chemicals

Chemophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of chemicals or working with chemicals. This phobia has grown rapidly over the last few years. Information on most phobias is hard to find on the internet, but if you Google Chemophobia you will find tons of links.

Most people develop this phobia because they fear the unknown. Many people know nothing about chemicals and what they do know is usually from what they hear on T.V. The media is notorious for only reporting the bad things that happen, so when people are injured or killed by chemicals this is all people know.

Other causes of the phobia could be a traumatic event involving chemicals. Those who are severely injured or know someone who has been injured or killed by chemicals are prime candidates for this phobia.

Chemicals are everywhere and trying to avoid them would have to be a full time job, so I can imagine how frustrating this phobia could be. If you have this phobia, please share your story with us. How long have you had it and what triggered it? More importantly, how do you cope with it?


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