Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gymnophobia: The Fear of Being Nude

Gymnophobia is the irrational fear of being nude. Yes folks, this is a real extreme fear of being naked. I hate seeing myself naked, but I wouldn’t call it a phobia. Those who suffer from this phobia get anxious, nervous and start sweating just by not having clothes on. It doesn’t matter what they look like. They could be super model hot or like me (quite a bit on the chunky side). The phobia affects them just the same. They cannot tolerate being naked. It’s not hard to see the impact that this phobia could cause on a person’s social life.

There are quite a few possible causes of this phobia. Not wearing clothes leaves you vulnerable so this could have a huge affect on someone who has been sexually abused or even for someone who just as an extremely low self-esteem. Teasing and harassment while being naked could cause the phobia and physical abuse or torturing.

This phobia is real and people are suffering every day because of it. If you have this phobia please take the time to let us know about it. As I always say…knowledge is power. The more people know about these phobias, the more they can begin to understand.


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